I recognize myself in the guilt syndrome. And you are right. Usually the behavior of others has nothing to do with us and is eventually explained after i have sent hem cheery pictures and emails. i now find out hat my communication power has been sapped. Friends i have not heard from in years are on Facebook where I never go. And lately they are texting, which seems to me a more difficult way to communicate, but I can't count on them reading my emails ever.

As for he best and worst game, I play that every day. Yesterday the best result was patching the smokehouse roof. The worst would have been falling off the ladder. Today's best is to patch the springhouse roof, worst would be falling off the ladder. If falling off the ladder is the worst, it's a short fall. I'm optimistic.

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Oh the guilt! I don't even have religion to blame. Why were women taught to bear so much guilt? I'm always thinking about this.

And yes you're right that we've created all of these ways to "communicate" and yet none of them are really communicating? It's bizarre.

Don't fall off the ladder! ;)

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