Friday Round Up: Totes Random!

Some of the stuff I've liked this week!

Hi folks!

It’s FRIDAY! If you’re interested, here’s some stuff to peruse over the weekend!

I published this piece, through Forge, on how the Stoic philosophers might be able to helps us all though this pandemic.

Jaye Wells has been doing these really fun Friday Tarot Prompts over at her newsletter. If you’re a writer, you might consider subscribing.

If you’ve got Netflix, and haven’t watched it yet, you might want to try “Alta Mar” (“High Seas” in English). I’m back on a Spanish kick so I’m watching the second season, but whether you watch it in English or In Spanish, the costumes are to die for and the (admittedly ridiculous) soap opera plot will keep you happily distracted.

One of my FAVORITE shows, Insecure is back on HBO for Season 4! HOLLAH!

Also, Season 2 of the TV show What We Do in the Shadows is streaming on FX and, the next day, on Hulu. I LOVE both the movie and the show, and highly recommend both.

Don’t forget, too, that you can hit pause on paying for one streaming service while you indulge in another. I do this ALL the time, as I’m on a budget! So go ahead and pause or cancel something you’re caught up on or bored with, and stream something else for a month. You can always switch back, or to another platform entirely, when you’re ready!

Finally, I read the latest of C.S. Harris’s Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries. I LOVE this series and highly recommend, if you like historical mystery.

This weekend, take care of yourselves! If you’re working from home, don’t forget it IS the weekend and to put your computer away. If you’re an essential worker and have to be out there, stay safe. No matter what, do a little self care. We’re all we’ve got to keep ourselves sane and functioning.

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