What are you looking forward to doing, when this is over?

Hi friends! I’d love to hear from you about what you’re planning on doing #whenthisisover.

I want to go out to breakfast with my friend, Jeni. I really miss our diner breakfasts! Then I want to meet my crew at Allegheny Wine Mixer and have a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate. I want to go to the museum! I want to book tickets to Seattle, Oakland, and New Orleans, to see my people. I want to go hug my parents, who are being troopers. I want to stroll through Highland Park with tons of people and not run away from them. I want to have a picnic where we share a blanket, not sit on different blankets six feet away. I want to order a desk, finally, for my repaired office and HAVE IT DELIVERED by people who can carry it up my stairs.

I also want social justice and a more fair society. But I’ll take biscuits and gravy to start.

What are you wanting to do #whenthisisover?